Learning Expectations

An Assumption School Student is…

A spiritual person who

  • Continually grows in the knowledge of the Catholic Faith
  • Demonstrates a sense of moral responsibility
  • Actively experiences a deep appreciation and understanding of the sacraments and worship
  • Practices Christ’s teaching in daily life

A life-long learner who

  • Demonstrates success in all academic content standards
  • Is prepared to face challenges, appreciate learning and be able to apply skills learned
  • Uses technology in an appropriate, ethical and effective way
  • Thinks critically, makes wise decisions and analyzes their choices
  • Communicates effectively, through reading, writing, speaking, and listening
  • Exhibits an appreciation for the arts

A self-reflective individual who

  • Understands their individual talents and challenges
  • Values an environment that promotes healthy emotions and social responsibility
  • Develops the social and interactive skills needed for positive relationships within families, teacher, and society

A socially responsible citizen who

  • Appreciates and respects the diversity of cultures, ethnicities, and faiths
  • Interacts with openness and reverence to the unique gifts of each person, culture and faith
  • Makes social, moral, and political choices based on Gospel values
  • A health conscious individual who
  • Promotes care of the body and an appreciation of God’s gift of human sexuality
  • Demonstrates habits of good nutrition and exercise
  • Exhibits teamwork and good sportsmanship
  • Is knowledgeable regarding the impact of, and the facts concerning, drugs, alcohol, and disease